KoralSea’s mission is to be a leading provider of high-value goods and live reef species to the home aquarium market. All our livestock is sustainably hand-reared  to the highest standards in our state-of-the art-hatchery in Inagh Valley.

At KoralSea we’re passionate about the hobby.  We know that Marine Aquarium keepers are increasingly conscious of the sustainability wild reefs and are making more ethical decisions on where they buy their stock.

We hand rear corals, fish and live foods of superior quality which are disease resistant, free from parasites and readily settle into new and established aquaria. We work closely with specialist retailers to ensure clear point of sale information and advice is available, ensuring hobbyists get the most out of KoralSea corals and  reef-fish.

KoralSea – Our Brand Values

  • Connecting with needs of an international customer base
  • Fundamental ethos of renewable & ethical supply
  • Validation through science
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Supporting international initiatives to preserve and sustainably manage wild coral reefs.