The Adaptive Reef Controller Cable Manegment are built using ½” and 1⁄4” expanded PVC. This lightweight but very durable material can be easily cut, sanded, drilled, or screwed just like plywood to make mounting all of your equipment very easy. The cabinet is made with fire-rated material that is not only inert, but it will never rot. It can be painted and worked on, just like wood! The cabinet is 100% water-resistant and non-conductive .

Designed to Fit Inside the Red Sea and Waterbox Aquarium Stands

The fact that the Controller Cabinet fits inside the stands of Red Sea Reefer and Waterbox Aquariums is no accident. In fact, they were purpose-built for this specific application. The cabinet has a magnetic face that is removable for easy access inside, even after all the faceplates have been installed. This is particularly helpful when the Controller Cabinet is installed under an aquarium inside the stand. You don’t need to buy anything extra to build your Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet. Everything is included in the box! However, the Controller Cabinet is a foundation that you can continue to build upon and customize.